Data Privacy Regulations in the Middle East – United Arab Emirates

Update: Addition of some details gained from the Data Protection Laws of the World Handbook

This is part of a series of posts, each one focusing on a specific country in the Middle East and Africa, discussing the current state of laws and regulations around the cloud. Today we’ll be taking a look at the United Arab Emirates.

When trying to understand what can and cannot be done with data that is required to provide a public or private cloud service the following six “cloud governance concerns” can be considered:

  1. Can I store and process personal data and are there any requirements for me to be able to do so?
  2. Can I move personal data between different jurisdictions?
  3. Do I need to comply with any requests from individuals that own the data?
  4. Do I have to comply with requests to disclose personal data from other entities?
  5. How am I liable if data loss occurs?
  6. How long do I have to keep data?

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