Software Defined Networks (SDN) in the Wild

Software Defined Network BrainI’ve seen a few articles around the emergence of SDNs in the past couple of weeks and I’ve been hunting around for some references of organisations that have embraced the technology.

There has been a flurry of acquisitions and funding for SDN companies relatively recently:

The market leader is considered to be Nicira so I had a look at their references page to see which companies were investing in SDNs and for what reasons.
From my research it looks like SDNs are being used to increase business agility at this stage. Where it gets very interesting is the potential for SDNs to enable more complex cloud deployments to exist and for customers to be able to provision these more complex cloud environments through self-service portals.

It’s this potential that has me excited. The ability to provision complex cloud implementations quickly means that the enterprise will be moving hard to the cloud as it offers the ability for a more comprehensive “total IT in the cloud” as opposed to one or two applications.

I’d be very interested to see some more details on SDNs that have been deployed and what real world user experiences look like to confirm if these more complex clouds are starting to exist.

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