#EMCWorld 2013 – Joe Tucci’s Keynote

Joe Tucci

Update – View the keynote on EMCTV here

Excuse the big picture, but I was sitting really close to the front (yes I am a bit of a fanboy).

My abiding impression of the keynote speech is the phrase “Customer Choice”. Every announcement made is directly aimed at giving EMC customers more choice, whether it’s on hardware (yes, EMC’s even giving the customers equal choice on storage hardware), software (openstack is great) and services (we can help as little or as much as you need).
I’ve not seen any other company out there that tears down those walled gardens and emphasises a “however you want to carve it” mantra.

Joe also solidified Pivotal’s place in the EMC family of brands. So far the count is EMC, VMWare, RSA and Pivotal. The brand that was strangely absent was VCE, but that might be due to the shared ownership with Cisco rather than the complete brand ownership of the others.

Joe then handed over to Paul Maritz who went into much more detail about Pivotal and what they want to do with Pivotal One. From the slide below, most of the pieces are already there, we’re just waiting for parts of the cloud fabric layer which are due out this quarter.

Pivotal One Starting Points

Paul also mentioned that General Electric had invested in the Pivotal initiative ($105M for a 10% stake). This one completely passed me by, but it’s really interesting to note that the reason for the investment is that GE want to revolutionise their manufacturing process and see Pivotal as a key partner.

All-in-all, the keynote was pitched perfectly with just enough detail in the announcements to make me want to hit the detailed sessions to learn some more.

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